At Fyrregarden you can rent both individual rooms and the whole place

We also offer the option of drop-in.

Read more below for prices and don’t hesitate to contact Trine if you have any questions.

Rental of the entire Fyrregaarden

2 days from Friday to Sunday: DKK 16,000. Incl. Forest cabin + DKK 2,500 = DKK 18,500.

DKK 5,000 on weekdays per day (min. 2 days, i.e. 1 day costs DKK 10,000 if you only rent 1 weekday).

DKK 700 for forest cabin on weekdays per day (min. 2 days, i.e. 1 day costs DKK 1400 if you only rent 1 weekday).


3 days over the weekend without the forest cabin: DKK 21,000

3 days over the weekend with the forest cabin: DKK 24,200.

7 days: DKK 36,000 without the forest cabin incl. 1 day discount.

7 days: DKK 41,300 incl. the forest cabin and 1 day discount.

All prices are incl. all consumption of electricity, water (also for the spa), firewood for the spa, heating and final cleaning.

Up to 23 pers. Without the forest cabin

Up to 25 persons incl. the forest cabin

We can provide contact for chefs etc.

Contact Fyrregaarden for more information.

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Rental of rooms


You can always rent a room on weekdays, whether you are a craftsman and need overnight accommodation or you need to get out of the city and catch a break from everyday life to find new inspiration and recharge.

Selected weekends/holidays

During many holidays (e.g. autumn holidays, Christmas/New Year, week 7, Easter and the summer holidays) we are open for renting rooms at weekends.

During these holiday weeks, a various of facilitators offer activities and creative workshops such as yoga, music, shamanism, meditation, campfire, massage, wellness etc.

It is a drop in concept, where you can purchase additional activities that are offered.

It is a wonderfully relaxed way to be on a retreat.

Approximate prices per person per day:

DKK 350 4-person room

DKK 500 2-person room

DKK 650 single room

The prices are incl. use of the wood-fired outdoor spa at min. 4 persons

Prices may vary slightly depending on the season.

On Facebook you can read about the public activities and events that take place at Fyrregaarden:

Click here

You can also book in on one of the private retreats held at Fyrregaarden.

Here you contact the provider yourself.