Welcome to Fyrregaarden

Rental at Fyrregaarden

Holiday, freedom & community at Fyrregaarden.

A fantastic place to find new energy, creativity and a great community.

You can rent the entire place or individual rooms.

Read more about prices and rental opportunities 

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Feel free to contact Trine if you have any questions.

Yoga, Retreats and other activities

During holidays and weekends, various facilitators hire in and offer activities and creative workshops such as yoga, music, meditation, campfire, massage, wellness etc.

You can also book in on one of the retreats held at Fyrregaarden.

On Facebook you can read about activities and events taking place at Fyrregaarden:

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Homemade organic food from Odsherred

Fyrregaarden loves to support local producers and can provide contact for delicious catering (e.g. vegetarian) and to book your own chef for your event or retreat.

Hello, my name is Trine Holm

When we grow up we spend the rest of our lives going back to the happiest moments of our childhood... which moments were those for you?

For me it was scout life and friends with community, bonfires, night runs, starry sky and life in nature. And then I loved when we gathered in presence around a nice meal, for a party with exciting conversations, music and dancing. In its essence, this is what I wanted to create with Fyrregaarden. And the road to Fyrregaarden has been a wonderful journey. Welcome!

Kind regards, Trine

Welcome to Fyrregaarden